Online Mediation

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 What is Online Mediation?

This is the process of conducting mediation with the participants in different locations using technology to help reduce costs and reduce time lines. 

One of the key benefits of Mediation is the reduced costs compared to standard litigation, sometimes this cost saving can be eroded if there are added costs to the process, such as travel, office rental and hotel, these factors can also effect the time element of mediation, organizing flights, arrange a meeting location that has availability to match the clients, these and many other factors all eat away at some of the key advantages that Mediation has over traditional litigation.  


Online Mediation gives all involved the ability to conduction a traditional mediation session with the participants being situated in the comfort of their own locations, this an especially help when there is a level of animosity between the parties and they would rather not meet, it helps reduce costs and reduce timescales as the only logistics issue to manager is the availability of the clients. 

Online Mediation is perfect when there are issues around:

  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination cases where one or both parties would prefer not to be in the same room

  • Disabled parties who may find travel and accessing the venue, challenging

  • Early resolution to allegations of sexual harassment or cyber harassment

  • Where the value of the case does not warrant expensive travel, overnight accommodation and room hiring costs

  • When flexibility is required to match working schedules, time zones, much easier to manage when the parties only need to allocate time from the location they are at.

At ADR we make use of the latest technology to help us manage and control online Mediation, this technology is driven by the international mediation community and has zero cost element required, it can be used on most modern devices as long as they have internet connection, where internet connection is an issue a party may join in voice only, using a standard telephone call.