In Meeting

Mediation is a process of controlled and managed meetings with an end objective of a mutual agreement on the best way to resolve the issue(s) being presented.

AT ADR our philosophy and approach to mediation is summed up in the quote of Albert Einstein, “in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”  We firmly believe that the overarching role of the mediator is to show the parties the opportunities that mediation provides and to lead them toward resolution

AT ADR we pride ourselves on the professional manner we approach mediation and always standby our strict ethics code as prescribe by the American Bar Association and the Law Society of England

Mediation is seen as the first step in looking for an alternative method of dispute resolution, 85% of case that are brought to mediation are successfully settled without the need for further litigation and costs

Our mediators consider it a privilege to be invited into the parties’ conflict.  Hence, they are very invested in the process for each case.  While the parties ultimately control the outcome, they, and we believe their role is to lead the parties through the process.  In large measure, mediation is about making informed decisions on a case.  Together with counsel, we make every effort to help the parties in this regard by exploring issues and interests, assessing the merits and weaknesses and discussing possible outcomes of a case in a safe and structured environment.  This leads to a more meaningful negotiation process.  A meaningful, productive negotiation process increases the potential for settlement.