Mediation, Face to Face or Online

Online Mediation is a relatively new concept, however in today's market place, with companies and individuals looking to be more productive and more cost effective, online mediation is moving forward with speed, this is further supported by the growth of the remote or home worker, major corporations around the world are recognizing the benefits of this and it is anticipated that 70% of global professionals are now working from home in more remote locations, this is helping them achieve the lifestyle balance we all know is important.

Many people argue that online mediation “just is not the same as face to face”, this not the case; with modern tools and the correct training a good mediator is able to successfully conduct an online mediation session just as effectively and for less money, no travel costs, no room costs etc. In fact the added advantages of online mediation often make it a more attractive solutions, there are also times when online mediation is a must or just the benefits are key to having a successful mediation session. Online Mediation can normally be organized quicker than a face to face meeting, early intervention is always a good thing, if there is animosity between the clients the ability to meet online helps remove this, if there is possible conflict, with correct use of the various tools this can be completely avoided, and helps a disadvantaged individual feel more relaxed due to the fact they are in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Modern tools also address the previous issues of confidentiality, here at Armstrong Dispute Resolution we employ a tool that provides end to end encryption, in fact it is more secure than most forms of communication.

Another hang up is the perception by many in the profession of loss of income, the fact is that by employing and using the online mediation tools you will in fact increase your revenue and increase client and customer satisfaction, reduced costs to the client also means reduced costs to the mediator.

In many instances online mediation is not only beneficial but the perfect answer, for example

  • Between a doctor and patient, the patient may have issues travelling, or may have requirements that are just better addressed in their own home.

  • In claimed or actual instances of bully and harassment in the workplace, the victim may just not want to meet the individual face to face until the matter has been resolved

  • In family matter, often these can become very heated and the parties may just not want to be in the same room as each other.

  • When speed is an issue, early resolution is always best, in some employment related issues when harassment is claimed early, and timely intervention can prevent the situation escalating out of hand.

  • Disadvantaged individual may well benefit from being in their own environment, being able to have familiar items around and more relaxed, dare we say even the ability to smoke.

  • Remote workers, one of the key advantages is being remote, it would seem counter productive if they now have to travel to resolve an issue.

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One of the major secondary benefits of online mediation is the impact, or lack of impact, on the environment, something we should all be very conscious of. When mediation is held online all travel is eliminated, this could well be a significant saving to the world, if you consider a commute of 10 miles, 16 KM, generates approximately 18 lbs of Co2, the saving on international flights and or domestic flights is just outstanding, helping us all do our bit for the environment.

So in summary online mediation is just as effective, if not more effective, than face to face mediation, with the added advantages of reducing costs to both parties, timely intervention, and helping in the environment as well. If you would like to know more, either how we can help you resolve an issue or understand the benefits of online mediation please feel free to contact us at info@armstrongDisputeResolution or visit or facebook page ArmstrongDisputeResolution

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