Timescales & Fees

Litigation is an expensive process and usually a long and often frustrating process, the costs for a successful litigation case can often negate the value awarded or comes so long after the issue occurred the actual value has been lost.

Mediation and Arbitration are cost effective alternatives to the standard Judicial litigation process.

Normally litigation via the Judicial Courts can take years before the first hearing, with mediation once all parties have agreed to participate the first hearing will be scheduled within 30 calendar days, for complex cases normally 3 days will be scheduled together.

For Arbitration, once both parties have agreed, unless stipulated within a contract, the Answer must be submitted within 30 days, the Discovery hearing will then be within 21 days, all parties then have a period of 30 days to comply with discovery, 7 days after this the first hearing should take place.

Mediation Costs - Philippines


Arbitration Costs


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Mediation Costs - UK 

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