Work Place Mediation

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What is Work Place Mediator?

This is the process of using an outside party to mediate dispute between 2 or more employees or between an employer and an employee(s)

AT ADR we are able to bring international mediation experience and training into your work place to help resolution issues between either one or more employees or between the employer and one or more employees. 

The main advantage for the employer here is the reduced cost and confidentiality of the mediation process, nothing discussed with the Mediation process is published and made available to anybody out side the process, all that will be state is that an agreement has been reached. 

This results in zero public awareness, and dramatically reduced costs. On average mediations cost approximately 10% of a the normal cost of litigation through the courts, with the added advantage of no court reports. 

It is now common practice for companies to retain the services of a Mediator, these Mediators are normally retained and instructed by the HR department when there is a possibility of a harassment  either between employees or a possible claimed against the employer.

Early intervention of a mediation in such cases has been proved to resolve nearly 90% of the issues before the need to involved externally parties.

The key benefits to the employee is an independent person they can use to help resolve issues with either a fellow employee or their employer, the service is completely confidential and the only report HR received is one telling them that there has been a successfully mediation meeting.